Tibetan Children School

TASC runs Sunday School for our Tibetan children to teach Tibetan language, culture, and religion. Volunteer teachers teach two different classes of Tibetan language and culture to our children.

In basic class children learn about important aspects of Tibetan heritage: Tibetan alphabet, basic writing, simple prayers, simple songs and dances. In higher level class children learn about Tibetan history, Tibetan grammar and poetry, composition, prayers, and cultural performances. At the moment, we rent rooms in a Culver City community hall to teach Sunday classes. In order to preserve and promote Tibetan language, culture, and religion to our future generation, we are in dire need of Socal Tibetan Community Hall with class rooms where we can have permanent home for our children to learn about their native Tibetan heritage and celebrate cultural events.

We appreciate any resource help to fulfill our community project dream.

Please contact us using the contact button on the website.

Thugje Che (Thank you very much).