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  • Men-Tsee-Khang Tibetan Medical & Astro-Science Institute Tour SoCal

    Visiting Scholars and Specialists from Men-Tsee-Khang Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute in Dharmsala Lecture, Medical & Astrological Consultations October 10-16th, 2017 TASC is delighted to announce the exceptional week long visit of a delegation of learned scholars and specialists from the Men-Tsee-Khang, the Tibetan Medical & Astrological Institute in Dharamsala, for a week dedicated to […]

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  • TASC participates in the 16th North America Tibetan Association conference held in New York

                Sep 8-10, 2017 16th North America Tibetan Association (NATA) conference concludes successfully. Sixty-two participants representing Twenty Seven Tibetan Associations in North America adopted 13 pages resolution in the 16th North America Tibetan Association conference, which was held from September 8-10, 2017. The conference was organized by Office of Tibet, […]

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Tibet News

  • Taiwan leader: Protect regional stability amid China tension

      Associated Press, News Observer. Read original story here. TAIPEI, Taiwan: Taiwan’s independence-leaning government will defend the self-governing island’s freedoms and democratic system amid heightened tensions with rival China, President Tsai Ing-wen said Tuesday. In an annual National Day address, … Continued

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  • English Soccer Giants Liverpool in Hot Water Over Tibetan Glacier Deal

    Alex Frew Mcmillan, Read original story here  English soccer team Liverpool FC has found itself in heated debate over a cold-water deal with a Hong Kong-listed sponsor. Its troubles are a reminder of the minefield that international companies carefully tread when finding … Continued

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  • Time is running out for nonviolence — or Trump — to save Tibet

    The Washington Post, Josh Rogin, 8 October 2017 Read original story here DHARAMSALA, India The Tibetan movement is at a crossroads, facing increasing Chinese oppression and a shortage of international attention and support. If the international community and the United … Continued

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  • Friends in high places: Xi Jinping’s determined path to control

    South China Morning Post, 9 October 2017 Read original story here Emerging from his first term as China’s most powerful leader in decades, President Xi Jinping will be looking to dominate personnel decisions at a five-yearly shake-up later this month. … Continued

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