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  • Photo Story: Life in the Exile Tibetan Community

    By Tenzin Phende, Photo-editor In the last six decades, Tibetans-in-exile have been largely ignored by the world press but have remained a thorn in China’s side. Against considerable odds, this small community has been able to preserve much of its … Continued

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  • Updated-Contrary to Reports, Fire not at Jokhang Chapel: Central Tibetan Administration

    Dharamsala; In light of the news reports of a massive fire that was believed to have emerged from Jokhang chapel (chapel that houses the Jowo-Buddha Shakyamui’s statue) in the temple premises, in the heart of Lhasa city, reliable sources have … Continued

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  • Waking up to China’s infiltration of American colleges

    By Josh Rogin, The Washington Post – Read Original Story Here China’s massive foreign influence campaign in the United States takes a long view, sowing seeds in American institutions meant to blossom over years or even decades. That’s why the … Continued

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  • A United Losar Celebrated in Russia

    MOSCOW: 16 February marked the Losar for the Tibetans as New year according to the lunar calendar. It also marked new year for the Mongolians, Buryats, Tuvans, and Kalmyks as well.  The Mongols and Kalmyks call Losar ‘Tsagan Saar’, the … Continued

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