About Us

The Tibetan Association of Southern California (TASC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It has over 300 active members and an ever-growing support base. After the United States Congress initiative allowed over 1,000 Tibetans to immigrate to the United States in 1992, the Tibetan population increased in the U.S. Many reached Los Angeles and the need for the community organization became important. TASC thus came into existence in 1993. Over the years TASC has evolved into an active organization uniting local Tibetans and contributing to their sociocultural and educational needs and also enriching the social-cultural diversity of the Southland. TASC stands strong to explore new frontiers such as working towards establishing a Tibetan Community Center. Standing in unity, TASC pursues many important objectives.

TASC is a non-profit organization dedicated towards preserving, teaching, and promoting Tibetan language and cultural heritage among Tibetans especially the younger generation.


* Preserving Tibetan identity, language, culture and arts in multicultural Southland environment
* Teaching all things Tibetan to younger generation Tibetans including language and culture
* Nonviolently struggling for Tibetan freedom, human rights, and ecological preservation in Tibet
* Socially supporting local Tibetans and new Tibetan immigrants
* Establishing Tibetan Community Center

Office Address

Tibetan Association of Southern California
P.O. Box 3298,
Culver City,
CA 90231

Telephone #: (818) 538-9842