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  • Tibetan Feelings Hurt by Shugden Protests in California

    Tibetan Feelings Hurt by Shugden Protests in California We, the members of Tibetan Community Associations of Northern California and Los Angeles, have been dismayed by the behavior of a small group of people shouting insults at His Holiness the Dalai Lama during his recent visit to California. Many of them appear to have been monastics […]

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  • Rangwang or Rangzen

    This article was written by long standing community member of the Southern California Tibetan Community, Chewang Ngokhang also known as Ajo Che. TASC has no opinion on the subject but would like to share a community member’s creative work, and encourage other community members to contribute their own works. RANGWANG OR RANGZEN For eons I have been debating […]

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  • Researchers: Tibetan Glacial Melt Threatens Billions

    With temperatures rising four times faster than anywhere else in Asia, the Tibetan Plateau might soon lose most of its glacier and permafrost, affecting water supplies throughout Asia, Chinese scientists say. Long known as the “roof of the world,” the Tibetan Plateau is about the size of Western Europe and supplies water to nearly 2 […]

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  • China sticks to right to decide reincarnation of Dalai Lama

    Reuters, 30 November 2015 BEIJING: China will never give up the right to decide on the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, a top Chinese official said on Monday, despite criticism from rights groups and the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader on the issue. The Dalai Lama and China’s officially atheist Communist Party have repeatedly tussled over who […]

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  • Tibetan Arrested by Chinese Authorities Following Solo Protest at Karze

    Sangye, 29 years old. DHARAMSHALA: Sangye, a 29-year-old Tibetan was arrested by authorities following a solo protest against the Chinese government on 27 November. He staged the protest at the main market square of Karze county in the eastern part of traditional Tibet (now incorporated into China’s Sichuan Province). His current whereabouts remain unknown since […]

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  • Tibetans at the Forefront of People’s Climate March in Australia

    Members and supporters of Sydney’s Tibetan community join the People’s Climate March, calling on world leaders and their countries to act now before it’s too late (photo by Jamie Williams Photography) AUSTRALIA: On the eve of the UN Climate Conference in Paris, Tibetans and Tibet supporters were at the forefront of People’s Climate March in […]

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